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Bubonic Plague and AIDS

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Origin of the Bubonic Plague and AIDS

Origin of the Bubonic Plague

The Bubonic Plague can be traced to China in the early 1300's. European trade ships would stop in China as part of their routes, and other then the goods on the ships, there were rats. Now, these rats had fleas that lived on them and the fleas transmitted Yersinia Petis, the bacteria that caused the Black Death. The plague could only be transmitted through the fleas, but was highly contaigious between humans.
**INTERESTING FACT: The song "Ring Around the Rosy" is about the Bubonic Plague. The lyrics, "Ring around the rosy" meant the rosy colored ring you would get from internally bleeding. "A pocket full of posies", posies were a common flowers for burial services and  funerals. "Ashes, ashes" refers to  the ashes of the bodies, which they had to burn because so many people were dying at once, and "we all fall down" refers to people 'falling', or dying.**

Orgin of HIV/AIDS

In the early 1980's, a group of gay men in New York and San Fransisco began to develop strange, cancer-like infections that could not be treated. This disease was HIV, which over time, develops into AIDS. While researching, scientists found that HIV was very similar to SIV, a disease found in chimpanzees such as the sooty mangabey (also known as the green monkey). There are different theories on how SIV could have crossed species to form HIV, such as the Oral Polio Vaccine theory, the 'Hunter' theory, the Contaminated Needle theory, the Colonialism theory, and the Conspiracy theory. None of these theories have been rejected or confirmed to date.



Author: Brooke Wilder 2006