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Bubonic Plague and AIDS

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Common Myths and Misconceptions

HIV/AIDS                                        The Bubonic Plague

*You can get it from sharing food with an infected person- FALSE

*You can get it by hugging an infected person- FALSE

*You can get it through an insect bite- FALSE (insects can't carry the disease; it thrives on mammal hosts)

*Only gay or bisexual men or IV drug users can become infected- FALSE (anyone can become infected with HIV/AIDS; men, women, and children, regardless of sexual orientation)

*You can get it through kissing, saliva, or sweat- FALSE

 *The AIDS virus will solve the poulation problem- FALSE (HIV/AIDS is not a man made virus)

 *People with HIV/AIDS look sickly- FALSE

*God created the plague and He spread the disease among the people because they commited many sins and He took out his rage by trying to wipe out the human race- FALSE (People of the middle ages were very religious and beleived if something bad happened, it was because they had done something to upset God.)
*The Plague had come from Jews poisioning the water- FALSE
* It was passed through "corrupt vapors" in the wind- FALSE
*The sinister conjunction of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars caused the plague- FALSE
*The plague was passed on through "lust with old women"- FALSE

Author: Brooke Wilder 2006